Management Review of RECP Assessment in Rice Mill Units

RECP Assessment in every pilot industry in Indonesia results a list of recommendation that should be considered by the industry for implementation. The delivery of recommendation options for RMU has been done in the ‘Workshop of Sustainable RECP Implementation in Rice Milling Units’ on 26 January 2017 in Karawang. This workshop was attended by the pilot RMU, local government in Karawang and Subang regencies, and association of rice milling in Karawang.

National experts presented RECP options for consecutive production stages: drying, milling and reusing by-products of rice husk and bran. The plan of establishing greenhouse dryer prototype and the possibility of husk utilization were discussed further. Several opportunities on using husk to minimize its environmental impact and to get the internal value were stated by participants.

In addition to deliver the recommendation options for 8 pilot RMUs and to encourage the implementation, the plan to replicate the RECP assessment to more extended number of RMU was stated at the workshop. Agriculture, environmental, and cooperative & SME agencies, also the association welcome this plan well and will support the application of replication phase. Representatives provided testimony, and on behalf of the Karawang government, Mr. Kadarisman as the head of agriculture agency of Karawang, expressed commitment to replicate RECP widely among rice milling units.