RECP Mission in Makassar on 19-23 September 2016

There were several activities from RECP team in Makassar between 19-23 September 2016, respectively :

I.             Coordination meeting with local stakeholders

on 20 Sept 2016, the RECP team met with BAPPEDA, Balitbangda, Industrial Agency, Environmental Agency, the Center for Plantation Crop Industry (BBIHP), KADIN, Academy of Industrial Engineering (ATI), and Research and Development Center Hasanuddin University. Updates on the on-going demonstration in 10 companies were described and looking forward to the new industries targets which potential and additional candidates for associate assessors (trainee national expert) to all stakeholders.

II.           Discussion with industry management

On 19,21,23 September 2016 local partners/National Experts and CRECPI team have presented their results on detailed assessment and feasibility study to 9 demonstration companies in industrial park Makassar (KIMA) and industry surroundings. All demonstration companies have agreed on the recommendations to be documented in a final report. Positive feedback also expressed by some companies which already benefited from implemented RECP options.

III.           RECP Method and Practice Training

on 20 Sept 2016 the training was delivered by Prof. Puji Lestari, Dr. Rene Van Berkel, and Moch. Iqbal. Participants came from local government staffs, representative from the first batch demonstration companies, potential new industries, and RECP local partners. Concern expressed by some small-medium industries that RECP only applicable in large industries. However, some examples from past experience in the small industry and also positive feedback from the on-going demonstration company convinced participants that RECP method and practice is applicable in all size of industry.