RECP mission in Medan 3-7 April 2017

CRECPI team had a week mission to Medan from 3rd to 7th April 2017. This mission covered a halfday RECP training and six palm oil mills visit. At this opportunity, the focus of the mission was not only palm oil mills but also RECP implementation at tourism sector in lake Toba.

On Monday, 3rd April 2017, RECP training was organized in Santika Hotel Medan participated by palm oil mills industries and associate assessors, also tourism stakeholders in North Sumatera. Tourism associations and related joined the training for RECP introduction. This event is related to RECP implementation in Lake Toba that will be initiated soon. Provincial government was invited to be explained on the progress of RECP implementation on palm oil mill sector and initiation on RECP on tourism in Lake Toba area.

The halfday classroom training was combined with on the job training for CRECPI team and palm oil mills associate assessors on how to do the detail assessment and lead the discussion on identifying the improvement potencies also improvement options. The training was conveyed by Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) UNIDO, Mr. Permod Kumar Gupta. RECP baseline obtained in the previous year was confirmed and critically analyzed to find the improvement opportunity and initial options, such as the improvement on turbine and boiler efficiency which reflected from the steam and electricity generation on biomass. The continuation of this training to PKS Pagar Merbau, PKS Sawit Seberang, PKS Rambutan, PKS Sei Mangkei, PKS Adolina, and PKS Dolok Ilir is extension of MoU with PTPN II, PTPN III, and PTPN IV where the palm oil mills have their operational headquarter. In-depth assessment, options implementation, and monitoring will be the following steps in the next one year.