Coordination Meeting with Rice Milling Association (PERPADI, Persatuan Penggilingan Padi dan Pengusaha Beras Indonesia) Karawang

 A coordination meeting was held between CRECPI and CTA UNIDO with the board of PERPADI (Persatuan Penggilingan Padi dan Pengusaha Beras Indonesia) Karawang of RECP Club establishment on RMU sector. Four RECP Club will be formed in Karawang and Subang consists of 5-6 units per club with the location of each unit within a club should be less than 10 kms to ease the operation of the club. The activity of the club mainly are for improving the process operational, product quality, productivity, and how to get revenue from byproduct. Some longer term of improvement options that can be considered were also explained to PERPADI so that they grasp the benefit that can be achieved by RMUs, such as build the communal husk briquette plant and sell it to textile industry or to power plant, gasification of rice husk to produce energy, and the production of brown rice. It was also clearly stated in the beginning that the programme will not give financial support and hardware support, but more on information and technology sharing.

Each club will be facilitated by 1 local facilitator who can manage the periodic meeting around once a month rotates in one to another unit in the same club. The facilitators maintain the atmosphere in the club solid to get improved together, instead of competition with one and another unit within the same club.

PERPADI Karawang has initially proposed 2 locations of RECP Club establishment around Rengasdengklok, but it does not close any opportunity to invite RMUs in the other locations to the workshop to see the interest of RMUs in Karawang and Subang. The demonstration RMUs that have been cooperated in the last 1.5 years will also be invited to the workshop to see their interest.