RECP Monitoring to Rice Milling Units in Karawang

CRECPI team with Chief Technical Advisor from UNIDO, Permod Kumar Gupta, paid a visit to several rice milling units in Karawang. The objective of this visit was to see the potential of suggested improvement by the trainee national experts. It was seen that the potential of improvement is huge, however the implementation of the improvement is lack of motivation. One of the obstacles for the implementation is the units wish for financial support from the programme which cannot be supported from the current programme.

Two RMUs were visited and made a fruitful discussion in the field. The identified problem that happen frequently in the unit are the low rice yield, the usage of cheap sparepart which actually may cost more expensive, the short lifetime of dehusker rubber roller, and the unutilized rice husk. The root cause of the problems was discussed and identified which bring to the generation of some improvement options. The improvement options were delivered to the unit and left for the consideration.

The continuation of RECP assessment on rice milling units is establishing RECPClub on rice milling units which will be initiated immediately.