The present (SECO-UNIDO) National RECP Programme supports the Government of Indonesia with the scaling-up and mainstreaming of RECP in Indonesian manufacturing, tourism and micro-enterprise sectors. It includes strategic guidance on institutional and operational matters pertaining to large scale networking and human and institutional development through the activities of the NRECPI and its supporting agencies (CRECPI, ICPC, CGIE and CTB)and the provision of technical support (including on methods, practices, technologies, policies, financial instruments, etc.) for the implementation of the 5-yr national RECP Programme. The overall objective of the National RECP Programme is to improve resource productivity and environmental performance of manufacturing, tourism and micro-sector enterprises in Indonesia and thereby contribute to sustainable industrial development in the country. This overall objective will be achieved through the widespread implementation of RECP concepts, methods, practices, technologies, synergies and policies by enterprises and other organizations, governments at all levels, and the providers of business services, technology and finance.