Providing relevant information on Cleaner Production (CP) and related topics to companies, governments and other interested parties. The Information system will capture information and experiences gained from RECP implementation in Indonesia and make this available to Indonesian Network for RECP (INRECP) participants, enterprises and community at large. The system will be internet-based, and will include information for three distinct information levels: introductory (for general information (“bite”)), general (for implementation by interested parties (“snack”) and detailed (for specialists “meal”). An annual RECP conference will be organized and a system of annual RECP prices in different categories established. An important mechanism will be a ‘learning-by-sharing’ programme that will annually address a fixed sequence of RECP topics and then showcase annually different collections of best practice examples from Indonesian enterprises (notionally a RECP calendar that can then be used by different INRECP members to support their activities with their respective constituencies).