Assisting policy-makers to develop and implement policies, which promote voluntary engagement of industries on environmental performance improvements through implementation of CP programmes. The preparatory activities confirmed the commitment of the national government towards CP, including through the national CP policy. Regardless however policy incentives for enterprises have reportedly remained relatively weak. The interplay of CP policy with other industry, environment, technology/innovation, trade and skills policies requires further analysis to identify gaps in policy and regulatory framework, including in their implementation and enforcement, in particular as these apply for the specific target enterprise groups of the RECP Programme. This gap assessment in turn sets the stage for identifying and developing effective strategies and policy instruments to mainstream RECP in policies and regulatory frameworks of different government agencies.

Taking the findings of the policy assessment as a starting point, the RECP Programme will proceed with the development of national, regional and/or sector Policy and Regulatory Framework with special focus on the specific requirements and opportunities of the four main enterprise target groups. An overarching policy document is foreseen with specific strategies customised for the four line ministries that are counterpart to this programme (MoE, MoI, MoCT and MEMR). Moreover, support will be provided to the development and implementation of selected priority policy instruments, including through training and capacity building. IGIDC will coordinate the provision of support to the line ministries on development and implementation of the envisioned Policy and Regulatory Framework with extensive inputs from ICPC (in particular for MoE), national experts (including participants in INRECP) and international experts.